OMEN by HP will be supporting up-and-coming UK & European casting talent with the introduction of the OMEN UK Open Community Caster Challenge, where talented casters can commentate over the gameplay from each stage of the OMEN UK Open - Open Qualifiers to the OMEN UK Open League - for their chance to win $2,500 worth of OMEN by HP products and the opportunity to cast with top industry talent at the OMEN UK Open Finals.



The OMEN UK Open will be broadcast through the OMEN by HP Europe Twitch channel on the following days:

Open Qualifier 1

15th April

Open Qualifier 2

29th April

Open Qualifier 3

13th May

Open Qualifier 4

27th May

Open Qualifier 5

24th June

Open Qualifier 6

8th July

Open Qualifier 7

5th August

League Day 1

2nd September

League Day 2

30th September

League Day 3

13th October

League Day 4

14th October

League Day 5

20th October

League Day 6

21st October

League Day 7

10th November

Open Qualifier 8

19th August

League Day 8

11th November


Sign up to the OMEN UK Open Community Caster Challenge below by filling in a few simple details! Don't worry, we're avid believers in a spam-free inbox!

Sign Up

An invite will be sent from the OMEN UK Open Caster Team on; accept the invite and download the OMEN UK Open asset pack. The asset pack will contain instructions on how to setup the assets for the stream (OBS/XSplit)!

Connect & Setup

Stream and cast to your heart's content! You only need to have one stream in the OMEN UK Open Caster Team to qualify you to join the OMEN UK Open Caster League!

Become an OMEN UK Open Caster
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